I’m Back to Blogging. I Promise!

Hello Blogging World! I have about a million reasons for my lack of posts over the last few months; however I will spare you the entire list! A few of my excuses are: a couple crazy college semesters (aren’t they all), a new job at a publishing company and an overwhelming desire to sleep. Fortunately, I have made it to the summer. Hurray!

Stetson University. One more year!

Stetson University. One more year!

Back in my sophomore year I studied abroad in Scotland and then backpacked through Europe. Looking back, I can’t believe I truly did it. Incredibly, in just a few months I will be a senior in college  (deep breaths) and my tales of my time abroad have still not been recorded. I have PROCRASTINATED horribly. There’s now an overwhelming fear building deep inside me that I have begun to forget my adventures with everyday that passes! I have to write what I have left unwritten for far too long. Bloggers this month I vow to finish recording my month long journey from the castles of Scotland to the streets of Paris and the markets of Madrid!

Bon Voyage…

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