I’m Back to Blogging. I Promise!

Hello Blogging World! I have about a million reasons for my lack of posts over the last few months; however I will spare you the entire list! A few of my excuses are: a couple crazy college semesters (aren’t they all), a new job at a publishing company and an overwhelming desire to sleep. Fortunately, I have made it to the summer. Hurray!

Stetson University. One more year!

Stetson University. One more year!

Back in my sophomore year I studied abroad in Scotland and then backpacked through Europe. Looking back, I can’t believe I truly did it. Incredibly, in just a few months I will be a senior in college  (deep breaths) and my tales of my time abroad have still not been recorded. I have PROCRASTINATED horribly. There’s now an overwhelming fear building deep inside me that I have begun to forget my adventures with everyday that passes! I have to write what I have left unwritten for far too long. Bloggers this month I vow to finish recording my month long journey from the castles of Scotland to the streets of Paris and the markets of Madrid!

Bon Voyage…

The London Tube: Organized Chaos


This serene picture of London found on Wikipedia was not at all like the craziness I experienced!

Nothing could have prepared me for London.

The tips I had read beforehand online seem ridiculous as I make my way down to the infamous London Tube. I laugh as I remember one tip which suggested to stand at least a couple feet away from other travelers to avoid being pick-pocketed.

Forget about a couple feet.

Forget about personal boundaries.

There are people practically breathing down my neck. I’ve never been so surrounded by so many other people. Growing up in a rural area, I’m used to having a decent amount of space between me and others. Not so in the Tube though.

My first trip underground reminded me of that Brad Pitt flick I saw a couple summers ago. Not as bad, but pretty close.

My first trip underground reminded me of that Brad Pitt flick I saw a couple summers ago. Not as bad, but pretty close.

Honestly, it feels like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie to me.  There’s people running frantically all over the place. They’re coming from everywhere and going everywhere. They’re talking rapid fire into phones and throwing briefcases over their shoulders as they dash off.  It’s absolute organized chaos.

I manage to get through the turnstiles, but one look at the brightly colored spaghetti like map of the Tube makes my jaw drop to the ground. I realize that it is going to be an absolute miracle if I get to Paddington.

Map of London

Looking at the map of the underground was like a game of Where’s Waldo, in which I was Waldo.

After a couple minutes, I think I’ve figured it out. I hop on the tube with my incredibly large backpack and only slightly smaller roll on suitcase.  The tube is packed. There’s about eight people touching me and I’m kind of trying to remember my yoga breathing.

It takes about three minutes before I realize that I want off this train. Someone could offered me a million quid to stay on and I still would have left. There’s a feeling of claustrophobia that is slowly taking hold. The sweat is dripping off me and my backpack straps are chafing my shoulder blades.

I practically fall through the door as the tube stops.  I grab my stuff and go up the stairs.  (Actually, I went the wrong way initially. My American self is on the wrong side and I received some sour glances. ) With one man’s help lugging my stupid suitcase up the stairs, I finally find myself in London.

I’m completely lost, but I am so happy to be out of the Tube and under the night sky that I’m surprisingly calm.

Stay tuned for my taxi cab trip into Paddington.

The Time Traveler Blogger

To journey across multiple countries is an incredible feat, but to travel across time is a far greater accomplishment.  Unless your surname is McFly you probably haven’t spent much time traveling back to the future. No worries! Neither have I.  Those with a keen eye have noticed a discrepancy with my blog.  It is July, yet the date reads April.  The simple truth is that I am blogging about my past travels in the present. I change the date of each blog post to somewhat reflect the time when I was abroad.


Picture Taken by Jill Crotty

There’s a few reasons for my jumps in time.

 Long Days of Travel

 When I was backpacking I found that I was too exhausted to blog. After a long day of new sights, sounds, and people I crawled into my bed at whichever hostel I was at and promptly fell asleep.   In the mornings I would sent a quick email to family and friends letting them know my location.

 Hitting the Books

 Since I was studying abroad I was focused on academics for the majority of my trip.  I would go to write a blog post only to remember a text book chapter I had to read or a tutorial session that I needed to prepare for.   My blog had to take the back seat unfortunately. My time management has gotten better, but I still am a full time college student.  Priorities remain!

 The Full Experience

 The biggest disadvantage to blogging about past events is the potential to forget things thought in the moment.  Having pictures of all the places I’ve visited helps considerably though.   There are advantages to blogging after the fact. Reflection for one.  When we think of experiences we think of a single moment, or day, but that is not the full experience.  Sometimes the  greatest part of any experience is the hindsight we take away.

Other time traveler bloggers please comment below!